Innovation Forum


The Innovation Forum is a global grassroots network of over 10,000 innovators that seek to build bridges between industry, academia and government. Their main gole is to accelerate the speed of technology adoption for the benefit of the wider society.


They asked us to create a news platform that could be easily managed by a wide range of people simultaneously. They also needed to group and manage different types of user types, some of them being subscribers, partners or sponsors.

Another key requirement was to highlight all the events and conferences they organize in different countries (branches), so we had to integrate the site with Evenbrite (a third-party event manager) allowing them to manage and show their own events on their brand new site.


Since a lot of people were involved in the project, it took a lot of meetings and iterations in order to define the key aspects of the sites, its functioning and infrastructure. We knew from scratch this was going to be really challenging, so we relied on constant feedback and collaboration between all the parties during all the stages of the process.

The most important thing was to define the types of content the site would have, and the different types of roles each for each member of the platform.


We're really proud to have partnered with the Innovation Forum and created a global news platform where people can stay up to date with technology articles.

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