Compass Fairs is one of the biggest fairs organizers in Scandinavia, with more than 20 year in business and representation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


The company's key tool for their customers is an online store where exhibitors can find and rent technical solutions and products that they can use at their stands.

They needed to become more efficient in handling new orders and technical deliveries, reducing paperwork and workload for both customers and employees. And of course, they wanted to give their customers a smooth ordering experience.


A key part to our strategy was to enable power users and long-time customers to order even faster than before, implementing a "quick shop" option and one-page product listings with integrated search.

A streamlined version of the shop was created to be used in Kiosks placed at the events, so customers could order in place, without having to fill up any papers.

Also, we designed and built a web app that routes and clasifies orders as they are received, so technical assemblers can deliver them in seconds. Push notifications and an internal messaging system completed the package.


Drafting wireframes and creating interactive prototypes was the way to start. Users' feedback helped us to rebuild and adjust the design of the previous store, getting to simple and practical designs that are the foundation of the platform.

Our client and us worked back to back with during all stages of the process, making sure that the big decisions we were making stayed aligned with the mental models of the platform's users.

Key facts

  • Prospect enquiries from the website increased.
  • The platform was integrated and localized in four different countries.
  • There was a boost in productivity for the technical and marketing departments.
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