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Compass Fairs is one of the biggest fairs organizers in Scandinavia, with more than 20 year in the business and representation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


The company decided to freshen up their entire brand & online presence, so they entrusted us the task of finding a new direction for their visual identity while keeping their essence and certain aspects of the previous identity.

But the true challenge was not only giving a multinational company a face, we also had to design and develop their websites at the same time. But that's a different story (Check Dinstand and Boligmesse projects).

These are some of the concepts we designed during our exploratory phase of the design process.


Before we started working on the project and putting a single line drop of ink in a paper, we took a lot of time to analize and plan the project, getting into every detail as possible, and also getting to know them a little better (who they are, what do they like, what are they like), so our journey –and our questions– began.


Once we set our hands at work and got all the answers we needed, we started drafting the first sketches and shaping the new identity. During this phase, we also tested a lot of color-shape theories and did a lot of research (letting our nerdy selves come out and shine), because we wanted to make sure that not only everything needed to look as good as possible, but also needed to be backed up with real data.

By the time we defined the key aspects of the new identity (logo - type - colors) we then started to make progress with the rest of the elements, like the stationery and the new website.

It was a long and challenging process, with a lot of iterations and feedback with the client, but we couldn't be happier with the results. This was a great opportunity to work on a large scale project with multiple phases happening at the same time.

Key facts

  • More than 100 logo concepts were created as a part of our exploratory process.
  • A brand guidelines book was delivered.
  • The new identity needed to properly work in four different countries.
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