Boligmesse (part of the Compass Fairs family) is one of the most popular home fairs in Scandinavia. These events are great for promoting and launching all kind of products and services related to the housing industry.


The client asked us to renew their online presence and redesign their current websites for all the scandinavian network. The key request was to make the sites appeal to two kinds of audiences: attendees and exhibitors.


Since the main goal was to make the sites appealing to different type of users, we had to figure out a way of segmenting the contents and know where and when to show them.

In order to atract new visitors to the fairs, we decided to feature and live-stream contents from events. So we created different states for treating them, and depending if the event was live or not, we'd display certain types of contents. So by the time a fair "goes live", we'd show a social media wall with publications from all the attendees.

Finally, we also needed to attract potential exhibitors, so we created modular call to actions and a landing page showing all the benefits of being an exhibitor in a Boligmesse fair.


At the moment we started working on the sites, we didn't have all the contents defined for each section, so we had to create a modular system of blocks designed individually in order to optimize the design work.

Our solution for this was to define and create a global and flexible styleguide which was then applied to every page, making a coherent design throught the entire site.


We crafted a beautiful responsive and multilanguage website and achieved our main goal: to provide a clear navigation and allow people to easily find what they are looking for.

Key Facts

  • 200% increase in prospect enquires coming from the website.
  • Custom assets were created for the 4 countries in which the fair takes place.

What the client said

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Moka since spring 2015. They were hired to create and develop Boligmesse's new websites in all the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Germany). It was a large project, and even though the agency is seated in Argentina and I am in Norway, my colleagues and I felt from the start that we could communicate very well.”

Majken Svorstøl Copywriter at Compass Fairs AS

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