Bahía Cocktails


Bahía is a local manufacturer of preserved foods, providing all sorts of products, from canned tuna to fruit pulps. During the last summer they introduced a new product line called "Bahía Cocktails", which are premade alcoholic drinks of different flavors.


The client wanted to create a microsite promoting their new cocktail-ready drinks. They also wanted the site to be as eye-catching as possible and to inform consumers about this new product, since it's a whole new segment for cocktail drinks.


This project was commisioned to us by the local marketing agency Mentory. Since the timeframe of the project was really short, we knew we needed to move really fast, so we started drafting the first ideas of how to show the different contents and sections of the site.

Key facts

  • More than 50 layers of graphics were used for all the products.
  • No fruits were harmed during the design of this website.
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